Temperature of blood cover cassette

It runs in cold blood

“Temperature of blood” is a tape by Reptilicus from 1990 that raised a lot of interest in the pagan industrial scene. The two members, Jóhann Eiríksson and Guðmundur Ingi Markússon (GIM), make industrial, electronical and experimental music. Some songs on the cassette were recorded and mixed with help from the famous Hilmar Örn Hilmarsson a.k.a. HÖH (Current 93, Psychic TV). It presented some facets of the diversified output of the duo.

The album was released on the independent label Hel, which was founded in Iceland in 1981 as Rauða Plánetan (Red Planet) but changed name to Hel. Hel was mostly active on the cassette exchange network and released cassettes only until 1997. Since 1997 Hel released CD-R’s and the label relocated to the UK in 2000.

The first musical release by Reptilicus was “Temperature of Blood” (ToB), a compilation of what the due had been doing the first year of operation. It included pre-programmed studio material recordings and mixed by film composer Hilmar Örn Hilmarsson, along with live recordings of various kinds: in the studio, on the air (radio) and at live performances.
The title was inspired by ‘cold-blooded reptilians’. At least, in an interview with Morgunblaðið in November 1989, they explained their musical approach as “lying in the sun, warming your blood up, and crawling into the nearest lake to cool down”.

Temperature of blood CD

ToB was re-released on CD with one extra live track from the same period as the first release of German label Cat’s Heaven (a subdivision of Vuz Records) in 1996 (Catalogue number CH 01).


1 Life’s Greetings  Effects [Miscellania] – Árni Hannes Kristinsson Recorded By, Mixed By – Már Gunnlaugsson Vocals, Cymbal – Péter Magnússon 3:39
2 My Fair K 4:17
3 Alho Ohla   Keyboards, Effects – Árni Hannes Kristinsson Recorded By, Mixed By – Jóhannes K. 6:51
4 Shrimpy Dog   Backing Vocals – Árni Hannes Kristinsson 5:28
5 Mosca 3:39
6 DDD From Nowhere 7:41
7 The Happy Mother  Guitar, Noises [Objects] – Laura Valentino, Paul Lydon Vocals, Noises [Objects] – Árni Hannes Kristinsson 16:19


Track 1 live at Kjallari Keisaranns, November 1989
Track 3 live at Útvarp Rót, 1989
Track 7 live at Tunglið, February 1989

You can listen to the album here:


All songs were put on YouTube by Bob Cluness aka ‘Iceland Bob':

– Wim Van Hooste