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Jolly Jesús

Texas Jesús were six jolly teens from Keflavik who started to make music back in 1992. Following the 1993 events in Waco, Texas, where the self-proclaimed prophet David Koresh led his Branch Davidian religious sect to their horrible deaths, the band thought the name Texas Jesús would be nicely inconspicuous.Schermafbeelding 2016-05-05 om 10.48.44

The band quickly gained reputation for energetic live shows and bright and silly tunes somewhat inspired by Czechoslovakian cartoon music. That same year they recorded and released a cassette called “Nammsla Tjammsla“. It was recorded on a 4-track and initially released in 100 copies which quickly sold out and whose covers were hand-coloured by members of the band. Due to popular demand it was soon released in 100 more copies albeit not hand-coloured that time around. At the annual Icelandic Music Awards the same year they were nominated as Band of the Year.
1996 saw the band touring Denmark and Finland and releasing their debut album, “Jæja Vinur“, which was considered more of a compilation of their best material to date. Shortly after they disbanded.

Texas+Jesus+HeidaLead singer, Sigurður Óli, now fronts the Copenhagen-based klezmer-punk band Croisztans. Bassplayer Sverrir and frequent guest-vocalist Ragnheiður (Heiða) Eiríksdóttir now play in the band Hellvar.

Some of the tracks on the tape can be listened to on Soundcloud:

See the band performing live here:

– Wim Van Hooste