I can’t sleep, something’s all over me,
Greasy, insomnia please release me,
And let me dream about making mad love on the heath,
Tearing off tights with my teeth

From Faithless’s “Insomnia”

But when you add some R.E.M., Roy Orbison would have said you’re
“In Dreams”, referring to one of the 500 greatest songs of all time
according to Rolling Stone magazine.
I gathered for you some Icelandic songs about sleep, sleeping,
dreams, dreaming: Iceland as one big Bedroom Community. Enjoy
the videos, before the Mr Sandman enters your room. Is there a beast
under your bed?


Bang Gang

The first single from the gang’s debut album “You” (1998) was “Sleep”

“I know you sleep” was a single from Bang Gang’s third studio album “Ghosts from the past”(Cod Music, 2008)

More from sleepy beauty Barði Jóhannsson: Barði & Noemi, A fan video made for “Dream”


“Sleepless nights” from the album “Blindfold” (2005)


“Svefntími” (Time to sleep) from Kjötromman (The Meatdrum)(Smekkleysa, 1995)

The people behind Exem were Einar Melax (keyboardplayer of the band KUKL, early Sugarcubes) and poet Þorri Jóhannsson (Jóh) of the band Inferno 5. Other musicans on this record were former band mates of Einar’s former bands KUKL & The Sugarcubes: Þór Eldon Jónsson (KUKL, Sugarcubes guitarist, ex-husband of Björk), Guðlaugur Kristinn Óttarsson (KUKL, also guitarist in Þeyr) & bass player Birgir Mogensen (KUKL).


A duo formed by Einar Tönsberg (a.k.a. Eberg) and Rósa Birgitta Ísfeld of Sometime fame “Don’t Be a Stranger” (Cod Music, 2009) contained the song “Dreamin’”

FM Belfast

“Don’t want to go to sleep either” from the album with almost the same title “Don’t want to sleep” (Morr Music, 2011)


A song from Ghostigital’s album “In Cod We Trust” (Ipecac, 2006) was “Dream of sleep”. Here’s a version live at the Bad Taste Evening at the Bozar venue at Brussels (2008):


Six-piece indie punky band Jakobínarína made “Sleeping in Seattle” a single from the début “The First Crusade” (12Tónar, 2007). In 2005 the band won the Músíktilraunir competition, but unfortunately split up after the first album.


Hjaltalín’s first album was entitled “Sleepdrunk seasons” (Kimi Records, 2008) A video for the song “Traffic music”

Jónsi & Alex

The collaboration between Jón Þór Birgisson (of course of Sigur Rós fame) and his partner Alex Somers. “Riceboy sleeps” is the first album by this twosome (Parlophone/EMI, 2009)

“Sleeping Giant” is a track taken from this LP


After leaving his band Without Gravity, Kalli made a dreamy indie rock album: “When the city sleeps” (2007) “When the city sleeps” features this song “Raindrops”.

Lay Low

“Farewell Good Night’s Sleep” (Cod Music, 2008) My favourite song is “By and by”. Here’s a live performance at Café Rosenberg version


“Sleepy Waters” from Leaves’s 4th album “See you in the afterglow” (Record Records, 2014)


“Svefnsýkt” (Sleeping sickness), a song taken from the 2nd album with the title “Karkari” (Record Records, 2008).


Nylon (also known as The Charlies) is a girl power band composed of members Alma Goodman (born Alma Guðmundsdóttir), Camilla Stones (born Steinunn Þóra Camilla Sigurðardóttir) and Klara Elias (born Klara Ósk Elíasdóttir).

“Sweet dreams”


Pornopop put the song “Sleep” on the album “… And the Slow Songs About the Dead Calm In Your Arms” (Ching Ching Bling Bling, 2006).

“My bed my gravity” is another track by Pornopop, from their album

Sigur Rós

“Svefn-g-Englar”, meaning Sleepwalkers or Sleep angels, a single from the infamous “Ágætis byrjun” album (1999). Often referred to as the ‘best Icelandic album ever made’. This track features Sigur Rós’s signature sound of a cello bow played against guitar strings with heavy reverb. It’s over ten minutes long. Accompagnied with an epic award-winning video shot at the South coast of Iceland.

Sweet dreams (are made of this)…

- Wim Van Hooste