Barnavisur 2Alisdair Wright and Hafdís Huld have worked together since they met at the LCCM music college in London in 2006. Their collaborations include Hafdís’s last two solo albums, lots of concerts and together they have also made two children’s albums ‘Englar í ullarsokkum’ (2007) and ‘Vögguvísur’ (2012).

‘Barnavísur’ is a follow up to the lullaby album ‘Vögguvísur’ and has a similar atmosphere with accoustic arrangements. As they got further into the recording prosess they started adding more instruments like drums, banjo and slide guitar, then they  got a big group of children to come and sing. The end result is an honest, fun and parent friendly children’s album.
Unlike our previous children’s albums tjey want to release this themselves. They have already recorded and mixed the album but ahead is the costly process of manufacturing, distributing and promoting.

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