Berndsen 3

Berndsen’s third album “Alter Ego” is almost ready but to release it on vinyl and make new videos they need some help!

Red-bearded pop auteur Berndsen mines the 1980s for inspiration, retro music. Synth bass, programmed drums, guitar solos, retro-futurist aesthetics and dramatic vocals make for an intoxicating, atmospheric, analogue-feeling sound, reminiscent of everything from Michael Jackson to Kraftwerk to The Eurythmics to fellow revivalists like Glass Candy, Dreamtrak and Chromeo. Infinite amounts of fun live.

They almost have 10 songs ready which still needs a lot work. With your help we can start to order the vinyl production as soon as they have all the songs ready, Mastering, Cover design, and of course all the music videos they need to work on. Take a look at the offers and make your choice & pledge!

Musicians who worked on the album:
Davíð Berndsen – Vocals, Guitar, Synths
Hrafnkell Gauti Sigurðarson – Guitar
Bassi Ólafsson – Drums
Jón Elísson – Piano
Ragnar Árni – Sax
Helgi R. Heiðarsson -Sax
Sveinbjörn Thorarensen – Drums, Guitar, Synths
Elín Ey – Vocals
Sigurlaug Thorarensen – Vocals
Arnljótur Sigurðsson – Bass
Friðfinnur Sigurðsson – Bass
Jakob Smári Magnússon – Fretless Bass
Högni Egilsson – Vocals

All information here:

Photos of Bernsen at Iceland Airwaves ’15 by ROK Photographer Sonja Verbeeck.