Winter Solstice cover
  1. Winter Solstice

Full Moon Rising

The drone/ambient/noise/experimental duo Pyrodulia (Worship of fire) made the “Winter Solstice” recording during the lunar eclipse in 2011. A lunar eclipse can occur when the Sun, Earth and Moon are aligned with the Earth in the middle. It can only occur the night of a full moon. It lasts for a couple of hours, whereas a total solar eclipse lasts only a few minutes at any given place.
So plenty of time to record a song. It is a lo-fi track that marks the first ever collaboration of Frímann Ísleifur Frímannsson & Nicolas Kunysz. FÍF and NK would form the Lady Boy Records label later on.

The worshippers of fire were not worshipping the full moon that night in 2011, but made almost 11 minutes of experimental music. It feels like entering a church at midnight where Uncle Phil is behind the organ producing a wall of drone and ambient noise. Definitely no camp fire music for pussies and sissies, but the soundtrack for werewolfs and firestarters.

– Wim Van Hooste

PS: Track was a temporary gift by the Lady Boy Records crew on 20-21. March 2015