Wild Life Antimony
  1. Purity Control
  2. Derelicte
  3. Wait Around
  4. Club Trash
  5. Fast Creep
  6. Who I Am
  7. Pink Clouds
  8. Tunnelvision

Wild is the wave

Antimony makes alternative synthesizer pop that throws you back to the 80s. The trio is made up of Canadian singer and lyricist Rex Beckett, bass player and vocalist Birgir Sigurjón Birgisson (member of Godchilla and Panos From Komodo) and producer Sigurður Angantýsson (member of Knife Fights) who is as well taking care of the electronica.

The 8-track album “Wild Life” kicks off like Lionel Messi with “Purity Control”, that was one of my favourite tracks of 2015 by the way. In song 2, “Derelicte”, Kraftwerk makes a Tour de France again to do a Bicycle Race 2.0. “Wait Around” has Rex’ vocals in the foreground at the bus stop and some uplifting beats in the backyard. In the fourth song, The Human League is not longer working in a cocktailbar but serving at “Club Trash”. Song V has a “Fast Creep” intro and RX goes as low as her vocal cords can take her. Some existentialism in the next track, “Who I Am”. Je pense que je suis. “Pink Clouds. In the final track “Tunnelvision” we can witness the collision of the male & female protagonists.

“Wild Life” is the first and last and always full album by Antimony. The band split up after this release. This final output is a record for all nostalgic souls with one footh in the 80s cradle and another one in the grave. I’m already waiting for the resurrection. Possibly maybe it could be waiting for “Godot”, with a Beckett as member you know! Say hello, wave goodbye. Takk fyrir síðast.

– Wim Van Hooste