Buspin Jieber cover
  1. Joyrides And Girls
  2. Knoblifter
  3. We Came As We Left
  4. The Package
  5. The Dream

Icelandic musician and producer Buspin Jieber gives us some outstanding retro-electronica with his new five-song release We Came As We Left. Right from the opening track “Joyrides and Girls” I feel like I’ve been transported back in time and somehow got teleported into a 1980s John Hughes movie. Is it a coincidence that I just saw Weird Science for the first time in forever last night? I don’t think so.

Jieber’s soundscapes are like soundtracks – they’d fit perfectly into films or television shows. That may conjure up aural impressions of boring music from your parents’ favorite shows like St. Elsewhere or something, but that’s not what I’m talking about. There’s a 80s style innocence and freshness here, particularly in the first two songs “Joyrides and Girls” and “Knoblifter.” The music has an upbeat electronic quality to it. This isn’t dance music, though I could certainly see myself sort of swaying to it in my living room while holding a cocktail. Instead it’s infectious, like the way a ray of sunshine makes you smile just a little on summer morning, fresh and clean.

The direction changes a bit on the title track, “We Came As We Left,” taking a slightly more ambient turn while still drawing enough energy to keep you moving forward. “The Package” slows it down even more. We’re not in a teen movie any more, more like a Michael Mann movie or To Live and Die in LA. It’s moody and dark, but not heavy or deep. It’s a summer night, the time for cigarettes and Jack Daniels and driving with the windows rolled down after you’ve been partying. You’ll make it home just in time to fall into bed and sleep with your clothes still on.

The album closes out with the aptly named “The Dream,” a song that falls somewhere between the two pairs that make up the opening quartet. Dreamy but with some energy, like that feeling you get when you take those first couple of sips of coffee and see the sky go from dark to pink to just a little bit yellow. Morning. It’s here. Time to do it all over again.

– Jeff Obermeyer