1 - Við vökum
2 - Before
3 - Tension
4 - Ég bíð þín
5 - Á ný

Vök, or hole in the ice, is an electro-pop duo from the town of the elves, Hafnarfjörður. Margrét Rán Magnúsdóttir is the 21 years old singer-guitarist-keyboard player and Andri Már Enoksson (24 years) plays the saxophone, is the backing vocalist and also the Apc 40 (MIDI/Computer) wizard. Like Ljósvaki and Captain Fufanu supplement their electronic beats with a trumpet; Samaris furnish their sound with a clarinet, Vök’s Andri adds a sax. The duet was officially formed in December 2012, but they play music together for a longer while. Margrét and Andri won the Músíktilraunir (Musical Experiments) competition for youngsters in March 2013; just like Of Monsters and Men did shortly after their formation.

The EP “Tension” was released on the Icelandic Record Records label this summer. The five tracks fit well together, although more hypo-tension than hyper-tension, with two tracks in English (“Before” and “Tension”) and 3 in Icelandic. In the first track “Við vökum”, the music appears from a singer in a crack in the ice she slowly defrosts, the saxophone pumps up the patient’s heartbeat. A very promising debut, with a balanced mix of male and female vocals, guitar and saxophone, f.e. in the single “Ég bíð þín” (I’ll wait for you).