1. Vettlingatök
  2. Secret
  3. Ég verð að hætta að halda áfram að drekka á sunnudögum
  4. Rólegur
  5. Issue
  6. Your Head is my Ground
  7. Stutt í endann
  8. Fyrir þig
  9. Right now!
  10. Getur verið?
  11. Kóngurinn
  12. Vögguvísa

My head is my only house, unless it rains

The 4 boys of Æla (English: Puke) finally released a 2nd album entitled “Vettlingatök”, almost a decade after their debut “Sýnið tillitssemi, ég er frávik” (2006). Æla is a kinky post-punk band, well known for their crossdressing extravaganza during ultradynamic live gigs, fronted by singer/guitarist annex balance artist Halli Valli. This 2nd coming was recorded at Skúlagata by bass player Sveinn Helgi Halldórsson in 2013, a decade after the band was formed. The LP was mixed by Albert Finnbogason and mastered by Finnur Hákonarsson.

“Vettlingatök” mixes Icelandic and non-Icelandic lyrics, ultrashort and 4 minutes (!) songs and downtempo vs. uptempo tracks. “Vettlingatök” is a Purrkur Pillnikk style kick-off song: eat your heart out Einar Örn! More Mr E The Eagle and even arty but not farty Skátar rock echos in song 2: “Secret”. Bacchus brings a visit at a quiet AA evening in “Ég verð að hætta að halda áfram að drekka á sunnudögum”, I have to stop to continue drinking on Sundays. Anything but taking it easy in the song “Rólegur”, just trying to get the balance right. “Issue” is a short but intense intermezzo. The longest song and perhaps the best song on the album is “Your Head is my Ground”. Shakespeare meats the mob in a church, so watch out for the Italian mafia, you guys. “Stutt í endann” (Short in the end) is another interesting interlude. “Fyrir þig” is a sort of guitar driven poem, Mark E. Smith à la islandaise just for you. John Sexpistol Lydon takes no placebos: so Rise, Right here, “Right now!”. “Getur verið?” is building up for a strong climax. A horse, a horse! The King, “Kóngurinn”, would give his kingdom for a horse(head)! Nice outro by the way. The last song, Vögguvísa, is a loud lullaby. By far the best lullaby I’ve heard the last couple of years. Good night and sweet dreams.

Æla’s resurrection is short but sharp-edged as stiletto heels. A violent vinyl that every horseheadhunter needs on his (turn)table. But to puke or not to puke, that’s the question! Don’t vomit on this longplayer!

– Wim Van Hooste