teitur cover
  1. Nenni
  2. Munaðarhóf
  3. Staðlaust Hjarta
  4. Kamelgult
  5. Vinur Vina Minna
  6. Háflóð
  7. Drekktu
  8. Allt Líf

Teitur’s tropical trip

Once upon a time a reggae rastaman married a psychedelic lady in Iceland. The offspring, as big as a football team, was dub/reggae band carrying the name Ojba Rasta. Now the band’s guitarist-singer Teitur Magnússon made the debut solo album entitled “27” (Tuttugu og sjö). Oriental spirits and spices were added to the reggae ragout. The result is easy on the ear, although not easy listening, laid back indie music. Eight seemingly simple and sweet songs, made by Teitur from the heart and in the bowels of tropical Iceland.

Opener “Nenni” has a Caribbean character although featuring a sitar in the intro & freaky outro. Song 2 “Munaðarhóf” is a nice sing along melodic song. Happiness is the fondament of song III and IV “Staðlaust Hjarta” and “Kamelgult”. It’s party time in playful “Vinur Vina Minna”, that reminds me of the Abbababb! style. Singer-songwriter Teitur made the guitar-driven track “Háflóð”. All of a sudden there’s a strange intermezzo, the poetic “Drekktu”. “Allt Líf” is a descent last comer.

Teitur and friends made an outstanding debut album, a ticket to the tropics. Just like the Fiery Furnaces sang about a “Tropical Iceland”, Teitur is the island’s upcoming Mr President.

– Wim Van Hooste