The album “Toqqissivoq” was recorded on a beautiful afternoon in May 2017 in Sisimiut, Greenland. Sisimiut, formerly Holsteinsborg, is the capital and largest city of the Qeqqata municipality, and the second largest city in Greenland. It is located in the central-western part, on the coast of Davis Strait and approximately 320 km away from the capital Nuuk.

“Toqqissivoq” was recorded in one take on two track tape, completely improvised and executed on the setting by the four musicians. The title, meaning “being calm” in Greenlandish, captures perfectly the atmosphere of the unique place and specific time where it took place.

This joint venture by fellow acts and friends Stereo Hypnosis (father and son Óskar and Pan Thorarensen & the composer Þorkell Atlason) and Futuregrapher (Árni Grétar) is their first collaboration to date, although their paths have crossed previously in numerous concerts and festivals.

What you get is almost half an hour of cinematic music, a wild is the wind soundscape featuring the voices of the Inuit and howling huskies. It has become a very organic soundtrack although made by an amalgam of inorganic equipment.

Icelanders Stereo Hypnosis & Futuregrapher teamed up to reveal an unspoiled universum of icebreakers, icebears & icebergs, unfortunately treated by climate change.

“Toqqissivoq” is a beautiful bi-polar experience and experiment.

-Wim Van Hooste