1. Tónlist fyrir létt andrúmsloft - af lægð
  2. Tónlist fyrir þungt andrúmsloft - af hæð

Þóranna Björnsdóttir’s Tónlist fyrir þungt og létt andrúmsloft is the latest release on Reykjavik’s Lady Boy Records label. Having already pushed the envelope with various formats and mediums, including a release comprised of download codes laser etched onto tangerines as a delivery vehicle, it’s always interesting to see what they have up their sleeves next. And sure enough, they brought something new to the table this time as well.

Björnsdóttir’s project is two 20-minute ambient electronic compositions, each of which is segmented into some different sound textures. Overall it’s very minimal, though the B side does feel a bit heavier, more like a cold wet morning, and I believe that’s intentional. The music itself is a combination of electronica and outdoor field recordings, a nice combination for this weather influenced piece.

Where it gets really interesting is that along with the music there’s also an app. Created in conjunction with the Icelandic Meteorological Institution, the app “works as a self generated mixer, blending both tracks (heavy and light atmosphere) following the fluctuations of air pressure in real time.”  Mind.  Blown. Now, to be fair I haven’t downloaded the app – it isn’t published on the label’s website yet, but I’ll certainly going back to take a look for it, because it sounds like a very unique idea and one that fits perfectly with Björnsdóttir’s work.

– Jeff Obermeyer