worm is green
  1. To them we are only shadows
  2. Let's just live my love
  3. Form a single line
  4. Stand your ground
  5. Around & around
  6. The eventual end (thank you)
  7. The music
  8. Voices
  9. We are lost
  10. With you

No more push play, it’s time for shadow play

If you think about the Icelandic trip-hop scene, Worm Is Green is a name that comes immediately to mind. Hailing from Akranes and formed in 2002, Worm Is Green is still around in the ground.  The band was responsible for “Automagic” (Thule, 2003), “Push Play” (Mikrolux, 2007), “Glow” (Kilk Records, 2012), and numerous EPs and singles in the past.

“To them we are only shadows” is the fourth full album and will be released on 6. July 2014. Árni Teitur Ásgeirsson (programming, synthesizer), Bjarni Þór Hannesson (sampler, synthesizer), Þorsteinn Hannesson (drums), Guðriður Ringsted (vocals) still make hypnotic, downtempo dream pop with female dominant vocals. From title track “To them we are only shadows” until “With you”, Worm Is Green brings a murmuring, meandering or mesmerizing mix of melancholic music. In several songs the male and female vocals blend into a concomitant, even conspiracing concinnity (“Form a line”, “The eventual end (thank you)”). The piano driven “Let’s just live my love” is my favourite track.

“To them we are only shadows” is a worriless place of conceal, totally in line with the 3 previous records . For the fans of Guðriður, once again her angelic vocals form the core of this longplayer. Who needs a trip to Bristol, if you can drive to Akranes through the tunnel made by Worm Is Green?!