the wolves are whispering
  1. The Sin Is Near (feat. Bloodgroup)
  2. Out of Horizon
  3. My Special One
  4. Silent Bite
  5. A Lonely Bird (feat. Keren Ann)
  6. Sabazios O
  7. A Letter Carved in Stone
  8. Wait by the Lake
  9. We will never get along

A lake full of tears

Barði Jóhannsson’s first full length album as Bang Gang in 7 years is almost in the line of his latest release, “Ghosts from the past” (2008). On “The Wolves Are Whispering” (2015) he’s joined by 3 charming chanteuses and the mixed Faroese/Icelandic band Bloodgroup. The voices of lady Helen Marnie (Ladytron), compagnon de route songbird Keren Ann (remember Lady & Bird duo (2003)), the young star on the horizon Jófríður Ákadóttir (Samaris, Pascal Pinon) all add a welcome female touch, and mark the difference with “Ghosts from the past”.

Opener “The Sin Is Near” features O, A, B and AB beats by Bloodgroup, who has a history with the gang ‘cause they covered the song “Sacred Things” on the 2CD “Best of Bang Gang” (Bang ehf, 2010). Song 2, “Out of Horizon”, is echoing the old gang days in the hood. “My Special One” is a downtempo lovesong, perhaps even a lullaby. The 4th song “Silent Bite” reminds me a bit of the Belgian band Hooverphonic, who was inspired by Icelandic music in its early years. “A Lonely Bird” features Keren Ann, so the song is Lady & Bird on speed with a fantastic outro. Song VI, “Sabazios O”, is a sinister, sombre song. The orchestral “A Letter Carved in Stone” features synchronised singer Jófríður. “Wait by the Lake”, is a guitar driven folky song. “We will never get along” is the grande finale.

No big musical surprises on “The Wolves Are Whispering”, because mastermind Barði stays in Ghost town, but more girrrrl power in the streets along with the wolves in sheep’s clothing and a mask. He made a consistent, coherent album, though with enough variety. B. Jóhannsson’s fourth album is a melancholic, melodramatic and mellow mix of male and female melodists. The perfect electropop music for moody souls sitting alone on a loveseat on a Saturday evening.