Singapore sling
  1. You Drive Me Insane
  2. All Your Sins
  3. In with the Out
  4. Let's Go
  5. Careful ('m Evil)
  6. Kill Baby Kill
  7. Nuthin's Real
  8. Who Put the Ebb in the Ebbebebb
  9. Absolute Garage
  10. I Hate Myself
  11. My Obsessive Love
  12. Tired

The Tower of Power

Singapore Sling was formed in the spring of 2000 in Reykjavík, by Henrik Björnsson (singer, songwriter, guitarist) and Einar “Sonic” Kristjánsson (lead guitarist). In the early years the band, not named after the cocktail but after an obscure Greek movie, was often compared with the Jesus and ‘the bloody Mary’ Chain.

So far S.S. released “The Curse of Singapore Sling” (2002), “Life’s killing my rock ‘n roll” (2004), an EP entitled “Taste the Blood of Singapore Sling” (2005), a compilation album “The Curse, The Life, The Blood” (2007), “Perversity, Desperation and Death” (2009), “Singapore Sling must be destroyed” (2010), and “Never Forever” (2011).

The end of 2014 brings us “The Tower of Foronicity”, released as a CD, as well as a transparent red vinyl LP on the Fuzz Club Records label, limited to 750 pieces. It is unclear what the meaning of the title is.

The LP kicks off with “You Drive Me Insane”, featuring a freaky Mr Tambourine Man and a Mr Phil’s small wall of sound. Song 2, “All Your Sins”, is Nick Cave on a Sunday afternoon, running out of speed in Sin City on his way to a birthday party. More melancholy in track III, “In with the Out”. Elvis Ramone hasn’t left the building: Hey! Ho! “Let’s Go”! In the 5th song “Careful (I’m Evil)” we’re strolling with 666 and Iggy Pop downtown Tinseltown. Uma Thurman and Lucy Liu are on the loose as Bikini Kill Grrrls in song VI, “Kill Baby Kill”. Song Seven is “Nuthin’s Real”. The 8th track, “Who Put the Ebb in the Ebbebebb”, has a Beatlesesque A year in the life ending. Song IX is “Absolute Garage”. Song nr 10 is “I Hate Myself”. “My Obsessive Love”: meet and greet with an almost undressed burlesque dancer with a red scarf. The grande finale is “Tired”.

“The Tower of Foronicity” is a pure morning record, an early walk in the woods, in search for the roots of the psychedelia and mushrooms. Followed by a lunch in a shed full of cramps, with a lamb steak medium rare and fungi on your plate: Taste the blood of the real and raw rock ‘n’ roll. Who needs a bloody Mary, when you can enjoy a Singapore Sling! Bon appétit and skál!!!

– Wim Van Hooste