1. Ascending
  2. Perpetual Discontent
  3. By The Harbour
  4. No War On My Skin
  5. Life As Randomness
  6. In Defence
  7. Beauty Will Not Be Defined

The Pöwer of Nöw

Jóhann Eiríksson (of Reptilicus fame) and Sigurður Harðarson (frontman of anarchopunk band DYS) form the duo Gjöll. On their 4th full-length release Siggi Pönk & Jóhann were inspired by the book “The Power of Now” (Eckhard Tolle). The misery of our daily mindgrind is “The background static of perpetual discontent”, which is what we need to refurbish out of our minds to be able experiencing joy instead of constantly seeking distraction.

The opening track of the 6th release by Gjöll, “Ascending”, features a Icelandic hypnotizing horsewhisperer and a synthesizer drone. In track II, “Perpetual Discontent”, Gjöll goes in 6th scream gear: eat your heart out Clarkson! The gloomy guitar riff that pumps up the heartbeat of track III (“By the harbour”) is provided by compagno & amico Luca Brembilla. 2kilos & More’s eclectic electronics and Black Sifichi’s lower than low shamanic and visionary voice have both a guest appearance on track IV, “No war on my skin”. “Life at randomness”, track V, brings in mind a train going underground in the coal mine. Track VI, “In defence” is a noisy soundscape and in “Beauty will not be defined” the shaman is back on track VII.

The album takes you on a long journey through sinister soundscapes, intense industrial environments, and distorted rocky mountains. The tempers and feelings oscillate like a desert: hypothermia at night, heat stroke during the day. It reflects Tolle’s topic from different angles, ranging between raging bull’s anger and an intense inner peace of mind.

Free your mind and the rest will follow. There is no authority but yourself!

– Wim Van Hooste