Teeth Richards cover
  1. Fightgirl
  2. Cowering
  3. Koddu út að leika
  4. Dizzy Little Jim
  5. High Castle/Son of Wasps
  6. I loved them
  7. Must be the way
  8. Creepin’

Find the Fox

In 2016 the previous Tófa album “Fleetwood Max” from 2015 is followed by another album with a word game on the front, namely “Teeth Richards”. The band members describe their own quintet as a female fronted artpunk band influenced by 20th century literature and creating noise in the likes of Deerhoof, Perfect Pussy and Fucked Up. These members are: on vocals Allie Doersch, on guitar Kjartan Dagur Holm, on baritone guitar Árni Þór Árnason, on drums Jóhannes Ólafsson and on bass Andri Freyr Þorgeirsson. The band’s name means ‘Blue Fox’, a cuddly cutie pie with a brushy tail but that has notorious vicious bloodthirsty teeth. By the way, Blue Fox, is the title of a translated novel (‘Skugga-Baldur’, 2003) of the immense popular Icelandic poet and Björk collaborator Sjón.

Opener “Fightgirl” has a short but atypical intro for a punk song, probably due to influence of former For A Minor Reflection, Rökkurró and Sigur Rós members. I hear some echoes of Antwerp-based band dEUS. But then Colorado-born singer Allie Doersch put her vocal claws in the chicken meat. Immediately the fantastic frontladies Ellý (Elínborg Halldórsdóttir) of Q4U and Siouxsie of the Banshees come to mind. In the second song, “Cowering”, the angry American woman gotta get away, I guess. The only song in Icelandic, “Koddu út að leika”, is a sort of kindergarten punksong à la Pollapönk and Unun. “Dizzy Little Jim” and “High Castle/Son of Wasps” are duets or sould I say eye to eye duels of guitars and vocals. “I loved them” is a parlando driven song. “Must be the way” is a machine gun in the hands of the Shonen Knife ladies. But where are the bikini girls? “Creepin’” is a 10-minutes punk opera.

Tófa is a tasty bloody mary that is made up by members of 3 musically quite different bands and of course an Amercian celery. Their second output, “Teeth Richards”, is a melodic though punky potpourri made by a fox with a blue mohawk with anything but flattened vocals, upright triangular guitars, pointed drums, and a long bushy bass. Find the fox, ‘cause the fox is on the run. Keep your chickies inside tonight!

– Wim Van Hooste