Starwalker cover
  1. Holidays
  2. Blue Hawaii
  3. Losers can win
  4. RADIO
  5. Everybody’s got their own way
  6. Come and stay
  7. Get me
  8. Le Président
  9. Bad weather
  10. Demeter

All I need is the air that I breathe

A French connection was established when Air’s JB Dunckel joined forces with Bang Gang’s Barði Jóhannsson to go on a moon safari as the duo Starwalker. The time had come to have a grande première of their eponymous début on the first of April, two years after the release of the EP “Losers can win” (2014).
The sun is bright and I feel alright! A children’s choir goes on golden, happy “Holidays” in the sun. L’amour pour toujours? Je t’aime … moi non plus! The second song “Blue Hawaii” is an example of slow travel with a femme fatale in the back seat of the Citroën 2 Chevaux. I’m a loser, baby, but “Losers can win” in track three. Video killed the radio star, except in “RADIO”, a song grundlig inspired by Kraftwerk, although performed with fingerspitzengefühl. Track V, “Everybody’s got their own way”, is a laid back version of the Beastie Boys’ You gotta fight for your right to party or an uptempo Rat Pack Frank’s My way. Sarah Jones, she bangs the drums… You don’t get an answer on the question Voulez-vous (coucher avec moi ce soir)?; nor in the sixth song is “Come and stay”, neighter in the 7th song “Get me”. “Le Président” features a charming intro & outro. Beautiful weather forecast “Bad weather” has Bird Barði on vocals and Lady Keren Ann Zeidel on backing vocals. The final chapter is the godly song “Demeter”.
“Starwalker” is a consistent, decent and delightful debut album. Jean-Benoît and Barði made a downtempo, dreamy electropop longplayer with passion but without big surprises.
þetta reddast! Ça plane pour moi!

– Wim Van Hooste