1. Friður í helvíti

  2. Rotið eðli

  3. Ef
  4. Bara hrós

  5. Holdfangin

  6. Sviðin jörð

  7. Auðn

Let it BÖRN

s/t stands for the word ‘something’: something is rotten in the State of Iceland. BÖRN’s “s/t” is release nr 14 of the Reykjavík based punk rock label Paradísarborgarplötur (PBP). BÖRN (formerly known as NORN (English: Witch) is a punk rock band, influenced by a broad variety of anarcho-punk, post-punk and death-punk bands.

This is what you get: seven songs with clanging and clanking drums, a menacing and tight bass, over the top screamed vocals, plus a whining guitar. Tracks with obvious and notorious titles as “Friður í helvíti” (Peace in hell), “Rotið eðli” (Rotten nature), “Sviðin jörð” (Scorched earth) and “Auðn” (Desolation).

The fifth track “Holdfangin” (Taken with flesh) is by far my favourite song, because of the odd break.

Punk’s not dead, indeed. It’s Börn Again.

– Wim Van Hooste