prins polo - sorri
  1. Fallegi smiðurinn
  2. Hamstra sjarma
  3. Tipp Topp
  4. Bragðarefir
  5. Kosmós
  6. Föstudagsmessa
  7. Ég kem með kremið
  8. Landspítalinn
  9. Lúxuslíf
  10. Vakúmpakkað líf
  11. Finn á mér
  12. Grætur í hljóði

Hey Amigo, I’m so Sorri

Prins Póló is the moniker of Svavar Pétur Eysteinsson’s, a musical octopussy in the Icelandic waters. He was a member of the promising band Rúnk and makes music with his wife Berglind in the group Skakkamanage. Besides being a musician wearing a paper crown, he’s running a farm and he developed Bulsur, a veggie hot dog.

“Sorrí” was released on SPE’s own label Skakkapopp on 15. May 2014. Previous PP releases were the EP “Einn heima” on Brak label (2009) and début album “Jukk” on Kimi Records label (2011). This 2nd full album contains 12 catchy tunes, creating an indiepop principality with his pins as backing vocalists.

The first track, “Fallegi smiðurinn”, was the tune for this year’s Aldrei Fór Ég Suður festival. Song 2 “Hamstra sjarma” has a Chemical Brothers kick off. “Tipp Topp” is a top tune. In track IV, “Bragðarefir”, Svavar Pétur meets a guy called Paul Oscar in a gay hot spot or disco. “Kosmós” brings you to a haunted house with percussion poltergeists. Hey Diablo, Hey Amigo: “Föstudagsmessa” gets a serious surprise twist halfway. More spooky sounds from the cosmos can be heard in “Ég kem með kremið”. A song about Iceland’s University Hospital “Landspítalinn” is next. Welcome to my paradise is the motto of “Lúxuslíf”. “Vakúmpakkað líf” is a track in Gary Newman package. Everything will be alright in “Finn á mér”. “Grætur í hljóði” is the instrumental grande finale; could have been a great TV program tune. My favourite tracks are “Fallegi smiðurinn”, “Bragðarefir” and “Föstudagsmessa”.

“Sorrí” is good excuse to go for a Polish chocolate bar. But don’t forget to brush your teeth afterwards. The king is dead, long live the prince!