svarar knutur cover
  1. Vetrarsól
  2. Undir Birkitré
  3. Wanderlust
  4. In Stiller Nacht

I can’t live in a living room, but Svavar can!

Svavar Knútur began his musical career as singer-guitarist in the band Hraun (Lava). After two albums, the members all went their own way. Troubadour Svavar, from the West Fjords, started out as a singer-songwriter in the fjord folk subgenre. His musical influences are both Nick Drake and Nick Cave, both Bonnie Prince Billy and Kris Kristofferson as Leonard Cohen and Cat Stevens.
“Songs of Weltschmerz, Waldeinsamkeit and Wanderlust – EP”, is the successor of “Kvöldvaka” (Campfire Songs, 2009), “Amma” (Songs for my grandmother, 2010), and “Ölduslóð” (Way of the waves, 2012) albums. All these albums are intimate, acoustic records. And what’s more, all albums have a drawing on the cover made by Svavar’s upgrowing daughter.
This 4-track EP was recorded in Iceland and on the Faroe Islands.
The first 2 crystal clear songs are live recordings made in the tiny village of Reykhólar. Song III “Wanderlust” was recorded by Allan Tausen in the little village of Söldarfjörður, Faroe Islands, in Svavar’s friend Marius’s mom’s living room. Some Faroese friends sang along. The last song, “In Stiller Nacht”, was recorded in Svavar Knútur’s living room in the middle of a stormy night in Reykjavík, around 2 a.m.
Svavar is and stays by far the most authentic male troubadour of Iceland. The King of Iceland would have been proud on a subject like him.

– Wim Van Hooste