the roulette
  1. Piccadilly Jim
  2. Saint
  3. Little Darling
  4. Regrets

One with everything, of the 90s

Selfoss: the hometown of ‘Sláturhúsið á Selfossi’ (SS) and the place of origin of the extremely famous Icelandic Hot-Dog, SS Pylsur. But Selfoss is also the habitat of stoner rockband The Roulette. The band members are Gunnar on vocals, Teitur on guitar, Ævar on bass, and Skúli on drums and vocals.

“Solipsism EP” is the first release of this quartet from the South. The first track, “Piccadilly Jim”, is built on a fundament of tempo changes and melodic vocals, with indeed a ‘circus’ intermezzo. Song 2, “Saint”, has a holy spirit that turns into a 666 outro. The devil made me do it! Number III, “Little Darling”, is the unavoidable slow tempo track but fortunately has an a capella finishing touch. Finally, “Regrets”, is the appealing apotheosis of a pleasant philosophical journey.

After all, a decent southern desert rock EP, in the 90s tradition, could reincarnate as the Jet Black Joe of the 21. Century, I think (therefore I am). Cogito ergo sum.

– Wim Van Hooste