múm Smilewound
1 - Toothwheels
2 - Underwater Snow
3 - When Girls Collide
4 - Slow Down
5 - Candlestick
6 - One Smile
7 - Eternity Is the Wait Between Breaths
8 - The Colorful Stabwound
9 - Sweet Impressions
10 - Time to Scream and Shout
11 - Whistle (with Kylie)

Some people smile with all their teeth

Come back to mum! Twin sister Gyða Valtýsdóttir, a founding member of múm, is back on the cuckoo’s nest. “Smilewound”, the sixth studio album from musical family múm with godfathers and musical twin Gunni Örn Tynes and Örvar Þóreyjarson Smárason, intends to give you a Joker’s smile, or should I say a Glasgow Grin, as the title suggests.

Crisps and cracks open “Toothwheels”, later on a violin completes the sound of the first single. “Underwater Snow” is driven by a childish, almost out of tune voice. “When Girls Collide” starts as a computer game track, but the ladies choir gives it another twist. Track nr. 4 “Slow Down” is a lovely lullaby. American solo artist Beirut is the MC, he brings the “Candlestick” to the ceremony, the band lights the fire. “One Smile” sounds like an Arabic drum ‘n bass track. Instrumental “Eternity Is the Wait Between Breaths” is the soundtrack of a Laurel and Hardy in the desert movie, Version 2.0. Great title by the way. Nurse, please! More first aid is necessary for “The Colorful Stabwound”. “Sweet Impressions” (co-written by Högni and Róbert of Hjaltalín), featured on 2nd album “Terminal” (2009), was supposed to be on múm’s “Sing along to songs you don’t know” (2009) but did not end on it. “Time To Scream and Shout” is everything but shout, let it all out. Australian bonus track “Whistle” featuring the neighbour from down under Kylie Minogue, and originally recorded for 2012 film Jack & Diane, closes the most coherent múm album so far.

“Smilewound” puts a longtime, let’s say livelong, smile on your face. Maybe a chuckle, possibly a laugh over the joke of the Joker.


– Wim Van Hooste –