Samaris - Silkidrangar
  1. Nótt
  2. Ég Vildi Fegin Verða
  3. Lífsins Olgusjór
  4. Tíbrá
  5. Brennur Stjarna
  6. Máninn Og Bróðir Hans
  7. Þótt Hann Rigni
  8. Hafið
  9. Hrafnar
  10. Vögguljóð

Magical Mystery Moments

“Silkidranger” (translates as “silk cliffs”) is the debut album of three-piece Samaris on One Little Indian label. Next to Morr Music, it is one of the few foreign labels with a focus on Icelandic artists. After a brief hiatus, whilst clarinettist Áslaug Rún Magnúsdóttir travelled around the world in 80 days, the self-titled EP from 2013 gets a decent follow-up. The record was released on 5. May 2014 on CD, as well as on 12” heavy weight 180 gram vinyl with a mp3 download coupon.

The trio still brings a downtempo, ambient, jazzy triphop or should I say  a spacy, atmospheric, melancholic dreampop, post-shoegaze if you will. It is (often too) easy to compare every female singer with Björk, but in the case of Jófríður Ákadóttir’s timbre it is hard not to fall in this snakepit.

The first track has an exotic, Enigma vs. Enya touch, and is called “Nótt” (Night). It features Doddi’s (Þórður) warm and deep beats. Song 2 is the babbling single “Ég Vildi Fegin Verða” (I would become glad). “Lífsins Olgusjór” (Life’s a troubled sea) is driven by a prominent clarinet. Trance track “Brennur Stjarna” (Burning star) is ideal for a relaxing full body massage. “Máninn Og Bróðir Hans” (The Moon and his brother) has an alien atmosphere, with the dark side of the moon almost revealed in the end. I’m not sure if they are happy when it rains or ask themselves why does it always rain on me in “Þótt Hann Rigni” (Although it rains).

You get definitely wet (drops or tears) when listening to “Hafið”.
“Hrafnar” (Ravens) features Odin’s ravens on the repeat button. It could have been a nineties Björk remix, just like the 4th track entitled “Tíbrá”.
After 3 minutes the final song “Vögguljóð” comes to the point.

Samaris brings the nineteenth century poems back to the future. “Silkidrangar” is the album Björk could have made when she was born 30 years later. For those familiar with Samaris there’s unfortunately nothing new on the horizon, the others hear seagulls and see ravens above the mysterious cliffs. I hope that Snorri the eagle shows up on the next record, to transport Samaris from the cliffs into the mountains, far away from Peter and The Wolf.

– Wim Van Hooste