Loji Review

1. Same Site, New Role
2. Ideas
3. Trash And Gold
4. Flesh On The Bones
5. Your Early Words
6. Tables Were Full Of Things
7. I Was A Rusher
8. Yes
9. Darkest Dreams
10. It Wasn't Part Of Your Dance
11. Facts
12. I Found This Song Again
13. Right Over Time
14. Black Sand
15. The Night
16. Battlefield
17. Golden Whisperer
18. Let Me In
19. Indian Summer

Lo-fi Lo-ji

Loji is the solo outlet of Reykja-viking and singer-songwriter Logi Höskuldsson. He has been active in the capital’s alternative rock scene for almost a decade, as singer-guitarist in arty, alternative rock band Sudden Weather Change and as guitarist in Prinspóló, the indie pop band of Svavar Pétur Eysteinsson. These days Loji is also member of a rap band with the name I:B:M.

His first album was entitled “Skyndiskyssur” (Sudden Errors or Sudden Drafts) and was released on Brak Records, a sublabel of the late Kimi Records. This second longplayer is called “Samansafn” (Collection). You see, all his albums (will) start with the letter S. It was produced and mastered by Þorbjörn G Kolbrúnarsson. All lyrics and music are from the by Loji, except the lyrics of “Yes” and “Indian Summer”, which were written by Dagur Sævarsson.

“Samansafn” is indeed a library of 19 alternative, lo-fi rock songs. The lyrics express the dreams, feelings, thoughts about events in the daily life and surroundings of Loji. The ultrashort songs (“Right over time” is only 0:46 long) and even the longest song (“Trash and gold” is 3:06) are all sketchy outlines, like his first record. Some of the songs on the first album got a second life as part of a Sudden Weather Change track. My favourite tracks are “Your early words”, “Black sand” and “Indian summer”. I hope they’ll get an after-life too.

On stage Loji’s music is brought alive with brio by a trio.


– Wim Van Hooste