Cracking a rock in two

“Romantic Rock” is the third output by the combo Casio Fatso. The first 2 albums were entitled “Controlling the world from my bed” (2015) and “Echoes of the nineties” (2017). Casio Fatso is a band built around SIR, Sigursteinn Ingvar Rúnarsson, working in inventory management during daylight, and letting the beast out between 22:42 and 23:42. The band is inspired by the music from the naughty 90s.

“It’s measured in tears” is the opening track that from the first notes cracks a rock in two. No tears for fears. Just Shout! Let the guitars rule. “Kitzmania Batz” is the 2nd track on the album, not my cup of tea until halfway Casio Fatso adds some sugar. A spoon please. Nr. 3 “Boys and Girls” is not blurred anyhow. The kidz are alright, just like this song btw. The title track has an easy going opening, and the piano sounds like the epical Faith No More. Dedicated to SIR’s wife Elísabet. And now for something completely different, the nasty bastard song “Not everybody wants to be nice”.  Strange opening of track “That’s what men do”, are the men standing and/or peeing in a toilet during a gig. But no, these geezers are Sigursteinn’s co-workers. We’ve got to fight for are right to party. “While you kiss him” is a What if-song, what if your wife is cheating on you? Final one, “Bring your guns”, is an anthem and final statement.

“Romantic Rock” is definitely the best album of the band. The 8 songs are glued together, sticky stuff it is. A bit more variety in vocal style would have been welcome. But after all, the songs have great song titles & lyrics, driven by kickin’ drums made by humans & computers. So there is no reason to complain. The last 4 songs are my darlings. The album grows each time you’ll listen to it. So give this solid rock a chance. The best rock album of 2019, so far. Keep on rockin’ in a free world! That’s what (wo)men do!

– Dr ROK Wim Van Hooste