Grisa cover
Track list
  1. Sambýlismannablús
  2. Allt Má (Má Út) II: Íslands Er Lag
  3. Tík
  4. Abc
  5. Flýja
  6. Nóttin
  7. Þurz
  8. Nýlendugata-Pálsbæjarvör-Grótta
  9. Melankólía
  10. Vonin Blíð
  11. Sá Mig Í Spegli (Káinn)

Step by step.

“Rökrétt framhald” was released on June the 17th, the independence day of Iceland. It’s Grísalappalísa 3rd release, written and recorded in a couple of days in their studio in Reykjavík. Most of which was recorded live, as if for a gig. In November 2013 the band was singing covers of Megas; sometimes called the Icelandic Bob Dylan. As you all know by now, the band was named after a song by the singing poet Megas.

“Rökrétt framhald” (Engl.: Logical continuation) is the logical next step for Grísalappalísa. It kicks off in the tradition of their début “ALI”. The
tripartite of Jakobínarína, Oyama and The Heavy Experience still makes energetic rock music. Jakobínarína’s former frontman Gunnar Ragnarsson and poet Baldur Baldursson, are the younger brothers of grumpy old men Statler and Waldorf. Opener “Sambýlismannablús” has the same vibe as the “ALI” album, Lísa finally found a place to stay. Halfway the album gets more downtempo as their début, even the words relaxed and released come to mind. A lot of songs have a Heavy Experience touch, which is a good evolution. To appreciate the lyrics, a very good knowledge of Icelandic is a surplus. But I can tell you – just to give you an idea – it contains stories of persons as drunk as a lord downtown and love sick, desperate desperados.

I hope the next small step is an album with lyrics in English, a giant leap for their audience.

– Wim Van Hooste