dyrdin - rocket girl
  1. Ferðalag
  2. Rocket Girl
  3. Eins og þú

Missile 8:44

Less than 9 minutes. That’s the time to bring a girl into outer space. Poppy punkband Dýrðin’s 3-track EP, “Rocket Girl”, was recorded by Ásmundur Jóhannsson, mixed by Hallur Ingólfsson and mastered by the famous Flex. The beautiful cover art was made by Jovil.

In 1994 the band Dýrðin (pronounced “Deer-thin”) was formed in Reykjavík. Einar and Maggi were the founders, both with a background in many underground rock bands. Over the years the workforce underwent a number of changes. In 2004, after long pauses, a stable formation was reached, which in 2005 went on tour in the United States of America. In New York City, they played a year later with their idols The Icicles. The drummer Tóti, an ancien in the scene (Reptile, Bubbleflies and Vonbrigði), offered his talent. In 2006, a first record was released on the American label Skipping Stones Records. Most of the songs on their debut album were in Icelandic. Their sound can be described as indie funpunkpop with “twee” influences. Einar’s sister Hafdís, the Icelandic Debbie Harry, took the vocals for her account. A second album “Gull og vitleysa” (Gold and nonsense) was released by the band in 2012.

A cowgirl horseback riding to Akureyri, the jewel of the North, by taking the Sprengisandur route. That’s what comes to mind when hearing the first song “Ferðalag” (Journey). “Rocket Girl” Lísa is flying around the world on a rocket, but definitely not in 80 days like Phileas Fogg & Passepartout, neither in 1 day like Prince. A title song maybe inspired by the independent record label, or more likely the cartoon character with the same name. “Eins og þú” (As you) is one of the best tracks of the 2nd album, and fits well on this furious flying EP.

An EP perfectly made to do your daily 10,000 steps or work-out, driven by the spitfire drums. Speed is the key!

– Wim Van Hooste