Ris og Rof
  1. Formáli
  2. Fyrsta Hlé
  3. Ris Og Rof
  4. Annað Hlé
  5. Þriðja Hlé
  6. Eftirmáli

Hekla brings you in the Moog

Two years after her fantastic, first mini-album, the “Hekla EP” (2014), theremin maestro Hekla Magnúsdóttir released her second mini-album “Ris Og Rof”. The record was produced and recorded by Hekla, and mastered by José Diogo Neves. Hekla studied at the Icelandic Academy of the Arts, graduated this summer and was a member of the alternative surfband Bárujárn.

The album features six theremin compositions:

I. Opener “Formáli” (Preface) could have been the threatening soundtrack for a theater piece by Tim Burton.

II. “Fyrsta Hlé” (First break) develops very slowly and is as repetitively as a mantra.

III. “Ris Og Rof (Rise And Erosion) creates a nice Doppler effect that represents the ‘Rise and Erosion’ of a glacial river.

IV. “Annað Hlé” (Second break) opens as a game of Warcraft, put then some bulletproof peace doves appear in the sky.

V. “Þriðja Hlé” (Third break) is an orchestral and esotherical piece of work.

VI. In “Eftirmáli” (Epilogue), some frogs are hidden in the foggy forest.

“Ris Og Rof” is a there-minimalistic mini-album that creates a magnificent, meandering microcosmos. It is a cool six-pack that belongs to the fridge of anyone who loves ecclectic, experimental, atmospheric and alternative sci-fi music. Skál!

– Wim Van Hooste