Ræfill - þorir georg
  1. You should ask yourself
  2. The idiot song
  3. Það Er Betra Að Gleyma
  4. Segðu Bless
  5. Er sem er
  6. Ælulykt
  7. I dag
  8. Greifarnir
  9. Vanhæf Ríkisstjórn
  10. I’ll say

Go ahead, make my day, punk

Ultra-productive multi-instrumentalist Þórir Géorg Jónsson aka Thorir Georg (previously operating under moniker My Summer as a Salvation Soldier) revealed a new full album entitled “Ræfill” on 21. March 2014. The title refers to someone being a punk, either it means loser. Last year Þórir Georg released 3 items: the fantastic white album “The caves of steel” as W. Earle, “It’s a wonderful life”, and on Dansar Við Lík label a 4-track EP entitled “Ælulykt”.
“Ræfill” is a bunch of 10 lo-fi, DIY punkish numbers, of which 3 in English, and even one acoustic track called “Segðu Bless” (Say goodbye). A fullplayer with two hands full of shorties, almost all under 3 minutes, deep-rooted in a new wave forest. Do not expect the classic solo, singer-songwriter stuff, Þórir brings more depressing, dusky and difficult music. The tracks in English, “You should ask yourself”, “The idiot song” and “I’ll say”, are the highlights of this album. But the Icelandic ones are almost that terrific. This album is the ideal headphones music to go for a half hour uphill-downhill BMX bike ride across the bush near The Pearl.
P.S. With his boots and roots in the hardcore punk scene, Þórir as a live act could be him playing folky songs on an acoustic guitar, as a noisy rockband, or a weird effect-pedal experimental set.

– Wim Van Hooste