1. Dive in
  2. Let it roll, let it rise
  3. ÆJL
  4. Na Na Now
  5. Try
  6. The Underground
  7. Dying Alive
  8. Give me some other
  9. Glitter
  10. Astronaut
  11. Shithole Town
  12. The Tower of Foronicity

Take me along, once again on that trip

Nu-Psych rock band Singapore Sling was formed back in 2000 by Henrik Björnsson, who is by the way also a founding member of Dead Skeletons and a former member of Bang Gang. Singapore Sling is the ‘danse macabre’ at the marriage of the yin of The Cramps with the yang of Suicide.

The 7th album “Psych Fuck”, released on the Fuzz Club label, was originally planned to be released as ‘Part II’ to their release entitled “The Tower of Foronicity” (2014). The LP (400 vinyl copies on black vinyl and 100 Lim. Ed. numbered copies on red vinyl and opposite artwork) has A-side called Psych and B-side called Fuck.

The Quarashi cover “Dive in”, that features Hendrik’s sister Anna on vocals, opens the dramatic dance under the influence of a pulsating piano. Life is no longer killing my rock ‘n roll: “Let it roll, let it rise” just kicks ass. The single “ÆJL” was used as soundtrack for a surrealistic movie screening at the LA surrealistic film festival a while ago, but it definitely deserves spot nr. 3 on album numerus VII. Short song IV “Na Na Now” is totally right here, right now: no extravaganza, just straight to the point. The deep hypnotic vocals on “Try” generates anything but uplifting trance music. In the Wild Wild West tune “The Underground”, Billy the Kid meets a shaman on a journey with Jolly Jumper through the panoramic plains. Side Fuck opens with ‘Sister Act II': Anna is back to sing along with her brother in “Dying Alive” that comes to a fantastic R.I.P. We want more in “Give me some other”. No Gary, no guts, no glory, just “Glitter”. “Astronaut” is Singapore Sling’s own Space Oddity, but this time Major Tom has protein pills. Everything is fine, so getting down in “Shithole Town” before climbing “The Tower of Foronicity”. Indeed the title of the previous album, it is more a ‘pièce de résistance’ than an after-meal pudding. The proof is in the eating.

“Singapore Sling is still in the major league at the psychedelic rock ’n roll high school. Psych Fuck” takes you on a rock ‘n rollercoaster ride: dark as the night glasses on the nose and a foot in a boot on the fuzz. Take me along, once again on that trip! Helter Skelter!

– Wim Van Hooste