Berndsen - Planet Earth
1. Landing
2. Planet Earth
3. Monster Forest
4. Gimmi Gimmi
5. Data Hunter
6. Two Lovers Team
7. Game of Chance
8. X-Cryonics
9. Continents
10. Lifeless Planet

Orchestral Manoeuvres in the UFO

This is planet earth. In 1981 Duran Duran released their debut single “Planet Earth”. Three decades later David “Pretty in Pink” Berndsen takes a McLaren to bring us back to the future sound of the 80s. After being introduced to synths and drum machines by Icelandic icon and producer Hermigervill, Berndsen developed a groovy, pump up the jam retrosound. His debut album “Lover in the dark” (2009, re-released in 2011 by 101berlin) gave him some international exposure.

His second longplayer is a sort of concept album. E.T. is back in the track “Landing”, the arrival of the UFO on our globe. In the title track our Phone Home says hello to “Planet Earth”. In “Monster Forest” David Berndsen turns into a David Attenborough. The fourth track, “Gimmi Gimmi”, is anything but a man after midnight. In I’m a “Data Hunter”, the Edward Snowden from outer space, tries to steal a countless amount of 0s and 1s. In Italopop annex disco hit “Two Lovers Team” a Portuguese female friend adds some non-fado parlando. “Game of Chance” is a melancholic song about a broken, impossible superhuman-human friendship. Other highlight of the record is the song “X-Cryonics”, that features a magnificent guitar solo. “Continents” is the ultimate Plattentektonik und Kontinentaldrift theme. Closing track “Lifeless Planet” waves the spacemen and spacewomen goodbye.

“Planet Earth” is the perfect music to do your work-out, dressed to kill wearing your fishnet gloves, shoulder pads, leopard leggings and the inevitable slouch socks.