1. So Bad
  2. Mall Goth
  3. Runaway
  4. Neutopia

Antimony makes cold wave synthesizer pop, or should we call it space goth, drone crunch or grave wave? Whatever! The trio is made up of Canadian singer RX Beckett, bassist Birgir Sigurjón Birgisson (member of Godchilla and Panos From Komodo) and Sigurður Angantýsson (Knife Fights)(electronics and production). 4-Track EP “OVA” features the drawling, dreamy vocals by RX Beckett. She’s not waiting for Godot, but for another tattoo in Song 2 “Mall Goth”. The EP ends with a spooky track entitled “Neutopia”. “OVA” contains DIY music made in the best eighties tradition.

- Wim Van Hooste