two step horror cover
  1. Somebody sleeping
  2. The Circle
  3. Sinner Blues
  4. Lonesome Town
  5. Night Terror
  6. Resonated
  7. Try again
  8. Lullaby
  9. Wonder

Because the night belongs to (l)us(t)

We belong to the night. Two Stop Horror belongs to the night, as the title of their 3th album “Nyctophilia” suggests. Two Step Horror is a duo formed by Þórður Grímsson and Anna Margrét Björnsson in November 2008. TSH takes part in the fantastic Vebeth Collective.

Their first record “Living Room Music” was released in the spring of 2011 with Outlier Records. Their 2nd output “Bad Sides and Rejects” saw daylight in the next spring of 2012 (Vebeth release).

“Nyctophilia” contains 9 dreamy, down-tempo songs. The psychedelic and creepy intro of “Somebody sleeping” puts you immediately – it only takes 2 steps – in an ultra-relaxed universum.

“The Circle” goes round and round, a shaman brings you in a transcendental trance: listen to less mind. “Sinner Blues” is indeed a more bluesy track, with the prominent, angelic voice of Anna Margrét aber Gott weiß sie will kein Engel sein. Lucky Luke, still with a cigarette between his lips, is visiting a “Lonesome Town” to perform a slow narcotic shoegaze chanson. The next track, “Night Terror”, is a slower-than-slow s-l-o-w. “Resonated” oscillates between a new wave and a whistle solo, with a strange ‘la-la-la’ perpetuum mobile at the end. “Try again” and “Lullaby” lean on the hypnotising vocal chords of Anna Margrét. Halfway “Wonder” triphop meets shoegaze.

Two Step Horror doesn’t bring you to the Little Shop of Horrors, instead it gives you alpha waves or even brings you in a state of Rapid Eye Movements. “Nyctophilia” is the ideal music to fall asleep, especially after a long night. Music for wakeful relaxation with closed eyes, and optional R.E.M. Let’s go to bed. ‘Cause we belong to the night.

– Wim Van Hooste