I can’t tell you much about Rattofer other than that he’s based in Reykjavik and his new cassette on Lady Boy Records kicks all kinds of electronic ass.  I’m a sucker for steady beats and vocal samples and Nineteen Eighty Floor is right in my sweet spot, slightly faster than mid-tempo beats, the occasional flourish, and samples from Star Wars and Mortal Combat (both on the jamming “The Force”, my favorite track on the tape).  There are some chiptune elements at times as well, and the whole thing has a very “modern retro” feel to it – harkening back to 80s and 90s stylings, but with more contemporary beats.  The best example of this is “Magnum” with its various bloops and beeps making me feel like I was back in an arcade in the mid 1980s, walking from the bright natural light and into the dark, air conditioned hall of fun, with a pocket full of quarters and the CRTs giving off a cool glow…

Jeff Obermeyer

Source: http://seattlehockey.net/blog/2017/10/16/rattofer-nineteen-eighty-floor/