highlands - no1
  1. Berlin
  2. Hearts
  3. Rolling Stones
  4. Stop Signs
  5. Sirens
  6. Sirens (múm remix)

Set me free

Singer, DJ and Retro Stefson member Logi Pedro Stefánsson has joined the singer Karin Sveinsdóttir to form an electronic indie pop duo called Highlands. Logi discovered Karin when he was the judge in a song contest at his old junior high school. Karin has received much attention for her beautiful voice, that brings in mind the vocal chords of Emilíana Torrini (GusGus era) and Esther Talia Casey (Bang Gang era). Logi says to be inspired for his loops and beats by hip hop. But in the end it becomes a bit a trip hop trip.

This give away EP entitled “N°1” contains 5 songs (“Berlin”, “Hearts”, “Rolling Stones”, “Stop Signs” and “Sirens”), plus one extra RMX of “Sirens” by the almighty múm.

This EP has become a consistent record that shows the duo’s potential. I’m looking forward to hear a full album. There is electro blood running through the “Hearts” of Icelandic youngsters these days.

- Wim Van Hooste