Going underground (going underground): Well, let the brass bands play and feet start to pound

“Myrkfælni Comp. 1” is the first release of a new label, established in 2017 to promote the Icelandic underground music. Various artists were put together to generate more than 1 hour of alternative tunes.

Kvöl “Aldrei” : Dark as the night without Northern Lights

Kælan Mikla “Hvernig Kemst ég Upp” : Wordy, wacky music

Godchilla “Sparkling Void” : HAM goes Queen

Madonna & child “Tokyo Death Train” : Clap Your Hands And Say Yeah in Japan !!!

Dead Herring PV “Bathing in the Sun” : Hard & heavy holidays in the sun

Kuldaboli “Milljón Ára” : 1 in a million meandering music

Rex Pistols “Got Me All Wrong” : Rex Beckett goes Who’s Johnny?

Countess Malaise “Kvalin”: Rap & Rímur 2.0

Döpur “Frosin Jörð” : Krummi goes vocally vegan

Andi “Samráð” : Kraftwerk revisited

Dauðyflin “Þöngulhaus” : 1, 2, 3, 4 !!! Where’s Johnny?

Húni “Caavvees”: Soundscaping a sculpture

Skelkur í Bringu “Múmíumaðurinn” : Spacy as a Shuttle

Aska “Líkamar” : Body-to-body beats

Lord Pusswhip “HEIMSENDASPITT. SVARTI LAXNESSPROD. ALFREÐ DREXLER” : Black music from some white bitches

Sólveig Matthildur “Unexplained Miseries III” : The sound of Solla solo

ROHT “HNEFINN” : This music will twist your tape

Dulvitund “Long Days Journey Into Nothing” : Nothing else matters when listening to Dulvitund

Skrattar “This City’s Gonna Cry” : No men no cry

Harry Knuckles “DJ’s Revenge 1976″ : Dirty Harry is having a day off, putting his .44 Magnum Smith & Wesson Model 29 on the turning table

AAIIEENN “Dialectic-Hectic” : My favourite flavour on top

Promising potpourri and melting pot from beneath the lava and glacier surface.

– Wim Van Hooste