1. Förin á hjara veraldar
  2. Tónlist fyrir ála
  3. Leyndardómur hinna sokknu hella
  4. Söngur höfrungana
  5. Ó, þú miskunnarlausi heimur kóralrifsins
  6. Hákarlarnir
  7. Kolkrabbi, ó kolkrabbi
  8. Hinar gleymdu hafmeyjur
  9. Tannlausa tindabykkjan úr trékyllsvík
  10. Fjársjóður Rögnvaldar Rauða

2016: A Calypso Odyssey

“Music for divers” is an ode to the famous French filmmaker, researcher and explorer Jacques (Yves) Cousteau (1910-1997). This début by Sindri7000 was recorded in Reykjavík on Reason, Volca Keys and guitar, nothing sequenced. Sindri7000 is the artist name for composer and guitarist Sindri Freyr Steinsson. Sindri has been making music for many years and is a member of übersurf rockband Bárujárn and disco devils Boogie Trouble.

The opener of “Tónlist fyrir kafara” (Music for divers), “Förin á hjara veraldar” (Journey to the end of the world), introduces us to the world below, the holy habitat of Jacques. The short song, “Tónlist fyrir ála” (Music for eels), is like a ping-pong video game under the influence of novocaine. Track III, “Leyndardómur hinna sokknu hella” (The mysteries of the sunken caves), is a pleasant earwurm tune. The dolphin’s crying in “Söngur höfrungana” (The song of the dolphins). In song V, “Ó, þú miskunnarlausi heimur kóralrifsins” (The merciless world of the coral jungle), we catch up with the singing seahorses. The sixth song is Jaws for beginners, “Hákarlarnir” (The sharks): a taste of Hákarl that doesn’t need Brennivín! Song VII, “Kolkrabbi, ó kolkrabbi” (Octopus, oh octopus), is fortunately without traces of Icelandic mafia or 007. The 8th song, “Hinar gleymdu hafmeyjur” (The forgotten mermaids), is a sort of darker song. In song number 9, “Tannlausa tindabykkjan úr trékyllsvík”, (Toothless skate from trékyllsvík (!?)), Captain Cousteau meets TinTin’s Captain Haddock. Final track, “Fjársjóður Rögnvaldar Rauða” (The treasure of Redbeard the Rough), is the album’s triumph.

“Music for divers” is anything but new age, easy listening or elevator boredom. It is joly jumping electro music à la JM Jarre, providing oxygène to the diver. The perfect soundtrack to go down under at the Great Barrier Reef. But you don’t have to be a diver to enjoy the album. O2 without H2O will make your want to cocoon in a garden bed or a cosy couch, with the voice of Jacques and the bits and bytes of Sindri in your ears. It’s after all devine diver music for lazy landlubbers and devoted divers.

– Wim Van Hooste