1. Dressed Lightly
  2. Reach for me
  3. Holding on
  4. Breathe
  5. Baobab
  6. Down the hill
  7. One step
  8. Cold
  9. I want all

Take these broken wings

What do you get when Bristol’s Massive Attack has a meet and greet with 4AD’s This Mortal Coil in a Swedish restaurant? No kötbullar, but Mr. Silla 2.0! Years ago Mr. Silla released an album “Foxbite” on the Raf Raf label (2007) together with fellow student at that time Magnús B. Skarphéðinsson (aka ‘Mongoose’). This ‘Mr. Silla and Mongoose’ album contained experimental downtempo electronic music. But who’s this Mr. Mister? Mr. Silla is the solo incarnation of Icelandic female Sigurlaug Gísladóttir, known for her work with über krútt band múm, Mice Parade and troubadour Snorri Helgason.

Thin aired opener “Dressed Lightly” brings you at risk for frostbite. Song 2, “Reach for me”, puts warm blood in your pumping arteries. Eat your heart out, Robyn! Clap your hands and say Yeah! in song III “Holding on”. “Breathe” lets you forget The Prodigy. The African Adansonia tree is the main character in “Baobab”, my favourite track. Track VI “Down the hill” is piano driven music, ideal for a relaxing full body massage. The 7th song, “One step”, is 100% drama and pathos, probably a sort of katharsis for Sigurlaug. I must confess much better than Björk’s purification entitled “Vulnicura”. The longest song on the album is “Cold”. Trumpet track nr. 9 is “I want all”, but all I say is ‘I want more!’.

Mr. Silla’s solo debut is of exceptional and universal beauty, or one could say Mr. Silla goes Miss World!

– Wim Van Hooste