stereo hypnosis
  1. Time Ends
  2. Arena
  3. Silent Brother
  4. Telescopic Eye
  5. Subliminal Circus
  6. Multiply One
  7. Six Million Dollar Man (Time Begins)

In the name of the father and son.


Founded in 2006 on the remote Flatey island in Breiðarfjörður, the electronic trio Stereo Hypnosis, is the father and son collaboration of Óskar and Pan Thorarensen, together with the composer Þorkell Atlason. Pan has made a name for himself in the Icelandic hip hop, electronica scene under the name Beatmakin Troopa, while Óskar is known to older generations as the artist Jafet Melge, one of the founding members of the performance and electronic collective Inferno 5. Pan and Óskar are the founders of the Extreme Chill Festival in the two street village of Hellissandur, situated nearby the glacier Snæfellsjökull. Þorkell has worked as a composer and electronic musician in Rotterdam (The Netherlands) and also studied classical guitar.

Stereo Hypnosis has constructed four albums so far: “Parallel Island” (2007), which was recorded on Flatey island, “Hypnogogia” (2009), “Synopsis” (in collaboration with the Italian sound artist Marco Calardi a.k.a. Pulse)(2010), and “Glossolalia” (2013).

“Morphic Ritual” is the 5th release of Stereo Hypnosis, filled with 7 down-tempo, down-to-desolate-earth, dreamy, ambient-driven electronic tracks. Perfect hypnotizing music to relax with your eyes closed in a hot pot after extreme chilling, with the soft beats and melancholic melodies dripping in your ears, just above the water.

Listen to my voice…

– Wim Van Hooste