We’ve got ourselves a winner

Legend is a dark electronic rock band. The band’s frontman, Krummi Björgvinsson, is a legend in Iceland’s music world, just like his father Bó. Krummi became famous with post-hardcore act Minus, but with the country blues band Esja featuring Daníel Águst Haraldsson (GusGus, Nydönsk), he was capable to sustain his popularity. These days he’s behind duets Döpur and Legend, along with starting up a vegan restaurant downtown RVK. Krummi’s partner in crime in Legend is Halldór Á. Björnsson. Duo Legend released their debut album “Fearless” back in 2012. Waiting 5 years for a successor, was it well worth?

The intro of the album, “Cryptid” is intense instrumental, but slowly the pace builds up and Krummi’s voice takes the lead over the beat. The second song, “Frostbite”, is unlike the freezing title a drums-driven song like a child in the sunshine. Put you sun cream and lotion on to conquer the mix of heat and cold stress. “Time to Suffer” is a fast and furious song where Rammstein meets Meat Beat Manifesto, a sharp guitar with bombastic beats. “Adrift” is the emotional eye-opener, totally in line with the best of the first album “Fearless”, just like the next one in line, “Captive”, is. The title track is the longest one on this LP, it is slowly building up to erupt after midnight. Eyjafjallajökull, nope, Öræfajökull, no way, it’s Legend!  “Scars” is an uptempo and uplifting song with instruments like bullets, a splendid soundtrack for World War 2.0, or should I suggest World of Warcraft? We come in peace!  “Liquid Rust” brings some rest, but the siesta comes to an end and puts corrosion on Aussie outlaw Ned Kelly’s mask. Second to last track, “Gravestone”, features great lyrics on top of some fantastic sound effects. It takes us to the cemetery, the death zone where fearless Krummi finds friends. Like Snæfelsnes is ‘mini-Iceland’, “Children of the elements” is “Midnight Champion” in a 6 minutes journey along the highlights of the album.

Forget John Legend. Forget Godot. The waiting was well worth! Legend will become legendary in the Icelandic music history. “Midnight Champion” is an album with 10 pearls, you’ll enjoy more and more after a few spins. Krummi’s vocal chords, biting beats, drilling drums and eclectic electro-industrial sound effects. Re-open Faktóry and let the Grand Rokk music by Legend inside.

– Wim Van Hooste