Makril cover
  1. Afogtil
  2. Dreamcat
  3. Paradísa
  4. Guitarplay
  5. Undiraldan
  6. Djésenda
  7. Apar
  8. Gæsin og Minkurinn
  9. Asenda
  10. Út

Rock Mackerel

Indriði Arnar Ingólfsson, previously known as one of the members of hardcore rockband Muck and The Heavy Experience, has released a solo album entitled “Makril” under his first name Indriði. The idea for this début was born three years ago when Kristín Anna Valtýsdóttir (of múm fame) and he worked on some art installations in New York City. Indriði returned to the countryside north of The Big Apple with his friends Aaron Roche and Alexandra Drew Chin. The intentionally dirty and raw recording process took them 10 days and Indriði was for the first time singing instead of screaming. The aim was to capture the magic moment rather than working the material back and forth. One microphone was even directly out of the window to allow nature to sing with. Missing and moving on is the central theme of the album.

“Mackerel” contains 10 tracks, instantly reminding of the music made by people like Don “Captain Beefheart” Van Vliet, Frank Vincent Zappa, Beck “Odelay” Hansen, Nick & Blixa, and Örn “Mugiboogie” Mugison. Opener “Afogtil” (Every now and then) features a trendy trombone melody made by Aaron Roche. “Dreamcat” is a song about disappointment, that isn’t disappointing itself. “Paradísa” (Haven) is a song created while Indriði was in dreams. “Guitarplay”, “Undiraldan” (Undercurrent) and “Djésenda” (Descend) are decent songs. “Apar” reminds me of song “Rukrym” (Myrkur played backwards) featured on “Von”, the first album of Sigur Rós. In “Gæsin og Minkurinn” (Goose and Mink) Indriði turns into Richard Attenborough. What goes up must come down, and vice versa: “Asenda” (Ascend)! “Út” is an excellent exit song.

“Makril” is a promising pelagic fish that has a deep voice, creates atypical indiefolk vibes and is bleshed with a multitalented tail. A big fish in a small pond! So let’s go fishing for a worthy follow-up.

– Wim Van Hooste