starwalker cover
  1. Losers can win (feat. Keren Ann)
  2. Bad weather
  3. Moral sex
  4. Losers can win (All that you’ve got)
  5. Bad Weather (Bloodgroup RMX)

Starwalker, an electro-pop duo, brings 2 nations closer together: the French Jean-Benoît “Sexy Boy” Dunckel (Air, Tomorrow’s Land) and the Icelandic composer/producer Barði Jóhannsson (Bang Gang, Lady & Bird). This French Connection released the debut EP “Losers Can Win”, on 18. March 2014 via Prototyp Recording & Bang ehf. Both JB & Barði have a history of scoring films.

Five tracks, almost 23 minutes of dreampop, went airborne. The opening title track is the perfect mix of music à la Bang Gang and Air, meeting longtime collaborator chanteuse Keren Ann (Laby & Bird) halfway. Song 2, “Bad Weather”, is brought to you in the best “Ghosts from the past” tradition. These 2 songs were already premiered as a video last year. Third track “Moral sex” is a simple, slow-tempo song, think of amiina vs. múm. More losers on the loose in “Losers can win (All that you’ve got)”. Just like on Bang Gang’s Best Of album, musical friends get the opportunity to cover or remix a song. Icelandic band Bloodgroup made a perfect RMX of “Bad Weather”.

The album is a spatial safari to the moon in a deux chevaux in slow travel modus. The first full album is set to be released in September. So be prepared by then for a tremendous trip to the stars and back, after the Big Bang of course.
Douze points for this Dream Team Duo.

– Wim Van Hooste