1. Lífsins þungu spor
  2. Þú sem ógnar tilveru minni
  3. Undir moldinni
  4. Sjúkdómur
  5. Á niðurleið
  6. Eftirsjá (ég sakna þín)

Try walking in my heavy footprints

Dulvitund is the one man project of Þórir Óskar Björnsson from Akureyri, the cultural heart and capital of the North. Since 2013, Dulvitund’s music, a raw mix of electronics and minimalistic percussion, is echoing in the 60 km long Eyjafjörður, so it could be heard in the capital of the South and the North Atlantic.

The human condition and crippling depression are the main themes, along with the hard reality of everyday’s life.

The six tracks meander between new and cold wave, gloomy and doomy goth, eclectic post-electropop, and even block rockin’ rímur.

I. “Lífsins þungu spor”: Life’s heavy footprint

II. “Þú sem ógnar tilveru minni”: You are threatening my existence

III. “Undir moldinni”: Under the earth

IV. “Sjúkdómur”: Disease

V. “Á niðurleið”: On the way down

VI. “Eftirsjá (ég sakna þín)”: Regret (I miss you)

– Wim Van Hooste

Pre-order the full album due to be released on 1. August  2015 on the Bandcamp site.