On 2. June 2017 the Lady Boy Records label released a numbered (1-50 copies) yellow/green fluorescent cassette with laser etched translucent case. Lady Boy Records in an independent label/platform founded a few years ago by Frímann Ísleifur Frímannsson and Nicolas Kunysz.

The cassette contains 17 tracks plus one extra digital by russian.girls:

Our own Jeff Obermeyer wrote these words about the release:

Lady Boy Records 018 opens strong with the incomparable dj. Flugvél og geimskip, the world’s seemingly most innocent practitioner of psych electronica and a woman with amazing taste in leggings.  “Geimurinn er Allt of Stór” reminds me of the first time we saw her live, a total trip-fest of psychedelic craziness about cats and outer space that made me wonder if someone slipped something in my drink. And it just gets crazier from there.  About half the bands are new to me, and I don’t have words enough to express how impressed I am with WayFresh & Gipsy Sailor Jerry (“Ball Game”) and Sindri Vortex (“Svona Dafna Blómin Best”), a pair of electro beat-mosters that even Mrs. Life in the Vinyl Lane gives two thumbs up and two feet tapping.  And let’s not forget Pseudologia Fantastica who just slay it with some intense techno action, a beat assault on your synapses that leave behind aural tracers like some kind of weird sonic acid trip.

While the first part of the comp is weighted heavily towards electronica, things take a turn for the rock when Singapore Sling kick in with “Sonic Haus,” spinning the whole thing into a high octane psych-rock feeding frenzy bound to melt your brain.  Then things get heavy.  As in really, really heavy.  I’m not familiar with Skelkur Í Bringu, but they bring a lot of pure mass to the party, like one of those huge weights that Roadrunner used to drop on Wile E. Coyote.  “Dýragarður” is like some lost L7 track that just punches you in the face over and over and over again, leaving you smiling and spitting out a couple of teeth afterwards.  From there the Lady Boy crew bring it down a notch, showing they understand the physics of making a mixtape and hitting us with the holy four-pack of Kuldaboli, Andi, Aska, and Harry Knuckles (“New Leans” is one of the comp’s best jams)… this might be a near-perfect mix.  Throw in the surf-western stylings of Notorious Wave Slicers and the very Adam-West-Batman-esque “Rautt Ljós Feat. Axon Bronson” by Skrattar and you have the icing on the cassette cake.  So good.

– Jeff Obermeyer