Lady Boy 013
  1. Deborah Arenas – LINKSYS
  2. ThizOne – The bike accident
  3. Laser Life – Mindfuck
  4. Luke Eargoggle + Wirtschalftswelt – You calculate
  5. Harry Knuckles – Erbalife
  6. Lord Pusswhip + Vrong – U know we like 2 swang
  7. russian.girls – I need sleep
  8. O|S|E - Piona
  9. Panos from Komodo – (<>..<>)
  10. Kanzlarinn - Gnístan Tanna
  11. Rattofer –Veiran
  12. Skelkur í Bringu – Eyðimerkursvín
  13. Dulvitund – Ljósfælni
  14. Nicolas Kunysz + Sólveig Matthildur Kristjánsdóttir - Sólveig’s Theme

Purple tape

Fifty numbered purple hub cassettes with a laser etched clear case were made by the boyz form Lady Boy Records. For the fourth time a LB cassette offers a wide selection of Iceland’s underground musical candy: Deborah Arenas, ThizOne, Laser Life, Luke Eargoggle + Wirtschalftwelt, Harry Knuckles, Lord Pusswhip + Vrong, russian.girls, O|S|E, Panos from Komodo, Kanzlarinn, Rattofer, Skelkur í bringu, Dulvitund, Nicolas Kunysz + Sólveig Matthildur Kristjánsdottir.
The album has a short D’n’B kick off by Deborah Arenas. ThizOne made a dramatic accidental bicycle race 2.0. Track III by Laser Life, “Mindfuck”, is driven by Molotov throwing anarchosynths. Forget Apparat Organ Quartet! The German style feel good song ”You calculate” is Kraftwerk revisited by Luke Eargoggle + Wirtschalftswelt. Harry Knuckles’ track “Erbalife” takes you on a tourist trip/trap along the Blue Lagoon and the glaciers, with guide Harry showing you the left and right side of the island. “U know we like 2 swang” is a song brought 2U by Pussy Wagon driver Lord Pusswhip + vrong. “I need sleep” is ultraslow shoegaze by solo artist Russian.girls. Dreamy drone song “Piona” by O|S|E is a fantastic interlude before the dirty rockers Panos from Komodo come to throw some garbage from the garage on the pile. Kanzlarinn pumps up the jam in “Gnístan Tanna”. Bits and bytes provided by Rattofer add some pumping beats. Skelkur í Bringu generates some growling frog & girrrl power in “Eyðimerkursvín”. Dulvitund’s “Ljósfælni” flows towards the lullaby by Nicolas Kunysz + Sólveig Matthildur Kristjánsdóttir “Sólveig’s Theme”.
“013” features fourteen fantastic goldie & tricky tracks. I will be hard labour to construct a better Icelandic music compilation this year.

– Wim Van Hooste