Stafrænn Hákon - Kælir Varðhund
  1. Sjálflærður Pípari
  2. Snjósveðjan
  3. Sparkar í Túlk
  4. Through Paper Cylinder
  5. Norðfokan
  6. Þoka
  7. Gagnahvolpur
  8. Síld

Dog Eat Hot Dog With Everything: Not for puppies

Ólafur Josephsson has been making music at his home studio since 1999. Under the name Stafrænn Hákon (Digital Hákon), he has been releasing a lot of stuff, solo as well as with some friends. For the 8th S. Hákon release Ólafur (guitar, bass and some other instruments) could count on the help by Árni Árnason (guitar), Lárus Sigurðsson (acoustic guitar), and Róbert Runólfsson (drums).

“Kælir varðhund” (Refrigerator Watchdog) is an album full of guitar driven indie rock with sparkling pop melodies and a touch of shoegaze. It is a steady step further away from the previous post-rock sound. “Kælir Varðhund” has a lot guest vocalists: Markús Bjarnason (Sofandi, Skátar, Diversion Sessions), Bjarni Lárus Hall (Jeff Who?), Birgir Breiðfjörð (Biggi Bix), Loji Höskuldsson (Sudden Weather Change, Loji), Magnús Gíslason and Magnús Freyr Gíslason.
All the songs give these guests the best seats in da houz.

The tracks have sparkling short intros and vigorous but gentle vocals.

Loji is in optima forma in “Sjálflærður Pípari”, a song about a school in 101 RVK anno 1993. A song that could have been on the 2nd album of Sudden Weather Change, “Sculpture”, a LP produced by Ben Frost. Boy scout Markús’ voice cheers up 2 songs: “Snjósveðjan” and “Norðfokan”. A breathtaking intro and vocalist Magnús Gíslason instructs you not to buy in “Sparkar í Túlk”. Jeff Who?’s frontman Bjarni is looking “Through Paper Cylinder”, the only track in English on the album. Singer Biggi gets lost in “Þoka” (Fog). Short intermezzo, “Gagnahvolpur”, is a more old school Stafrænn Hákon tune. So there is nothing wrong with it at all. Fishy, final track is entitled “Síld” (Herring).

“Kælir varðhund” is a catchy indie rock album with poppy melodies, not for puppies. Oh, take these dogs away from me before they, they bite.


There will be a very limited analog cassette release (coming in October through a small indie cassette label Stereo Dasein).

– Wim Van Hooste