JGS cover
  1. Fyrir Dauðans Dyrum
  2. Vísa
  3. Ad Meam Stellam – Puellam

No stumbles on this road, because life is the way to death

Jóhann Gunnar Sigurðsson was New Romantic-style poet born in Miklaholtshreppur in February 1882. His poetry is characterized by a certain hopelessness and darkness, although very beautiful.

“JGS” is K. Fenrir’s homage to Jóhann Gunnar, who died at the age of 24 in May 1906. K. Fenrir is an Akureyri-based experimental musician. Very productive as well.

The minimal noise-filled soundscapes of K. Fenrir on “JGS” bring in mind the desolate and deadly Antarctic landscape a century ago. The slow and low vocals bring the poems alive because they go straight to the grey brain.

I. Fyrir Dauðans Dyrum (Before death’s door): The rat race between R. Amundsen and R. F. Scott to the South Pole in 1911 was no race for ponies.

II. Vísa (Short poem): No stumbles on this road, because life is the way to death for R. F. Scott.

III. Ad Meam Stellam – Puellam (To My Star – A Girl): Scott is writing some notes in his diary to his beloved ones.

“JGS” is diligent dreamdrone music, anti-ambiguous ambient with surreal surrounding sounds creating a 4D-effect.

R.I.P. Roald Amundsen

R.I.P. Robert Falcon Scott

R.I.P. Jóhann Gunnar Sigurðsson


– Wim Van Hooste