1. Gallery Gaur
  2. Hate the comfort
  3. Streched
  4. This City’s Gonna Cry

Unce upon a time in a ghost town

Two busy boys from the Reykjavík hood joined forces to form the duo ‘Skrattar’, which translates as Sorcerers in English. Guðlaugur Halldór Einarsson (a founding member of Fufanu, and solo operating under the moniker ‘Russian.girls’) and Karl Torsten Ställborn (member of hardcore band Muck, solo operating under the moniker ‘The Man’, and after hours a Fufanu session guitarist) play a sort of experimental electrorock. Their dreamy and psychedelic music brings to mind Icelandic bands like Dream Central Station, Two Step Horror and an unplugged Singapore Sling.
The opening song of the 4-track release “In the night” is “Gallery Gaur”, which has a Wild West feel. So it is waiting for the harmonica man to enter the saloon. It ends in a duel (eye to eye) between the sheriff and El Gringo. No words, no names, but the bullet with a name on it enters the next song “Hate the comfort”. The menacing vocals and the sweltering guitar create suffocating surroundings in the next three tracks. The third song, “Streched”, is new wave après la lettre. In the final track is “This City’s Gonna Cry”, tears run rings but big boys don’t cry.
“In the night” is a promising début. It offers a perfect ménage à trois of vocals, guitars and electronica.

– Wim Van Hooste